August 1, 2011 Newsletter

This market is dictating that new thinking is required to bring us out of the market we are in. One resolution is equity sharing which has been proposed here before. Homeowners partner with investors to co-own the property. When interest rates were above 12%, this was the solution to allow buyers to qualify with the non resident co owners to provide either down payments or income to qualify for the loan. Now the reverse is true. They don’t need equity to buy, but need help making payments. If you are in danger of losing your home, would you give part ownership to an investor in order to keep the house and continue to live where you have established roots? A shared equity partnership agreement can be drafted to help and protect both sides. If you know of someone who is in danger of losing their home, or someone who wants to invest in real estate without the uncertainty of renting, contact us.

The market has continued to present challenges to the real estate community, but despite the negative information coming from the media, we continue to sell and settle homes. Short sales remain part of the equation and will continue to be a factor for the foreseeable future until property values start to climb.

The good news. The media reports that the Washington D.C. area, which includes, Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel and some of Baltimore City and County, (depending on who you ask) hasstabilized. Properties priced appropriately are getting quality showings and offers. Investors are looking to REO properties (real estate owned) held by banks and foreclosure sales to find bargains. Even though the real estate market has not returned to 2005 prices, there are opportunities to make a profit. Displaced homeowners still need a place to live. Relocated homeowners who can’t sell their current home are renting at their new destination. In a conversation with a knowledgeable realtor familiar with BRAC, she indicated that those relocated from Ft. Monmouth would join together and rent a homein Aberdeen and go home to New Jersey on the weekends. So rental properties in Harford and the surrounding counties are being snapped up.

We are in touch with the real estate market and want to keep you up to date. If you have a question, feel free to call or email me at 410 884 1160 x3007 or We want to be your title company and handle all your legal needs. Thanks for your support.