August 5, 2011 Newsletter

The sky is not falling, but for as yet unexplained reasons, rates have taken a dip. The ten year bond has dropped and has opened the doors for lower rates rather than the anticipated higher rates we should ultimately see. It’s probably a short window, but today you can get thirty year fixed for 4.5% with the possibility of closing cost help. A 5/1 ARM can be gotten for 3.00% with no points . This is not what was expected, but if rates like these interest you, contact me and I will direct you to the right lender.

Some realtors are having difficulty selling condos due to delinquency rates for the condominium dues. Lenders won’t lend on condos if the delinquency rate on condo dues exceeds their guidelines. If you are experiencing such a problem, let me know. There may be ways to make the deal work. Since the existing lender already has the problem, they may be persuaded to allow an assumption or subject to transaction.

On a personal note, my daughter is interning for the PJ Aldridge Foundation which raises funds for lung cancer research. Ninety eight percent of the funds raised go into the research, which is exceptionally high. They have an Oprah raffle with $20.00 for one ticket or 6 for $100.00. The winning ticket gets all the prizes they received from the Oprah show, including a 2012 VW. Go to and follow the prompts to enter.

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